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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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marching through milwaukee since about 5:30 tonight. and you can see-- they're still going strong. hundreds of people are taking part-- and disrupting traffic. tonight we have team coverage. bret lemoine takes a look at the
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sears talked to the protesters themselves. let's start with ashley. hundreds of people marched through the streets. their message: president-elect donald trump does not represent their values. nats through the streets of downtown milwaukee-- nats hundreds march in protest. demonstrators are angry tuesday's trump victory. 06:11 i feel just dumbfounded and just numb. they join protesters across the country-- sharing outrage--and disgust over the president elect. 07:24 we need to move forward. we're moving 200 years back with donald trump being the president. for michael drake and isaiah lightfoot tuesday was the first election they were old enough to vote in. they say the outcome was disheartening--but this gives them hope.
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than this. all walks of life--join together-- amanda parr--brought her 5-year-old daughter-- 21:14 i think america needs to see this isn't a win. all these people out here are losing something. we're taking steps back, we're not moving forward. the hundreds say this is only a first step-- hoping from here people will come together again-- 08:32 these protests are working, but we need to be more active in making police say there were no arrests or major incidents. at one point, i personally witnessed a woman who was not a protester, pushing and shoving demonstrators as they marched by. no one was seriously hurt. live at red arrow park, ashley sears fox 6 news.
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traffic downtown. and police are still trying to keep up with them. our bret lemoine joins us live to continue our coverage. it started with a rally at red arrow park - but within a few minutes, the protesters took to the streets. the crowd swelled as the anti-trump demonstrators weaved their way water and turned onto 'east wisconsin avenue.' there were several stops along the way where the crowd re-grouped - one of those locations was 4-th and wisconsin near the wisconsin center. as they went down toward state street, milwaukee police officers were on horseback in front of the b-mo harris bradley center. there was briefly concern the group may start walking on the interstate.... but instead, they marched down 6-th street and onto mckinley. ultimately, the group made its way
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anticipate their moves all night - blocking traffic and streets within a block radius along the route. along the way, we saw many people stuck in their cars. some honked in support; others called the protesters 'cry babies.' one woman at the start of the rally told us... this isnt about party politics. she says its about their dislike and fears of trump. sm 'i think it really is people taking revenge on obama - and not wanting to follow up obama with a woman. they think it was too much progress too soon.' the protesters made their way back to red arrow park at around 7-45 tonight. a small group blocked traffic in front of the marcus center... before taking off again. reporting live downtown, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks bret this is the second nigh of protests in philadelphia.
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people marched through the city's center-- blocking traffic. we're told it was a peaceful gathering. and this was the scene in denver earlier tonight protesters clogged streets in downtown. you can see lots of police on hand making sure things didn't get out of hand. tonight donald trump is responding to the protests on twitter. calling the demonstrators "professional protesters" and saying they are "incited by the media." he says it's "very unfair." earlier today he met with president obama at the white house. president barack obama hosted president elect donald trump in the oval office for what they called a cordial meeting. obama says: "most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed -- because if you succeed, then the country succeeds." trump says:
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lasted for almost an hour and a half. / i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future." at the same time, first lady michelle obama met in the white house residence with future first lady melania trump. vice president joe biden also met with his successor, vice president elect mike pence. afterward, trump and pence visited capitol hill for lunch with house speaker paul ryan. ryan says: "donaldt most impressive victories we have ever seen and we're going to turn that victory into progress for the american people." trump says: "we're going to lower taxes, as you know. and we're going to fix health care and make it more affordable and better. and we are going to do a real job for the public. and it's what we want to do and that's why we are excited." ryan even gave trump a tour of the speaker's balcony, looking down on where he'll be inaugurated come january. we have posted the entire "public" portion of the meeting between
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com and the fox6 news app. just search "trump." it's official! we tied another record! but will the warm weather stick around? weather expert tom wachs joins us now with the details. a cold front passes this evening bringing a big drop in temperatures for friday as highs only reach into the midl expect a few more clouds friday then more sunshine for the weekend. our next chance for precipitation will arrive late tuesday night. tonight: clear. low: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, windy and cooler. high: 48 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32 high: 51 wind: sw 5-15
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from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. the latest now on the fatal crash on the interstate this morning. authorities say a woman was hit by a semi on i-94 northbound near college avenue. all the lanes had to be shut down at college avenue because of the crash. we're still waiting to hear more
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interstate in the first place. new at 9-- first they found the car. tonight the driver is in custody. five-year-old rickyia langham was killed sunday when she was struck by a car just outside her home. fox 6s brittany shannon spoke to police who say they got the guy...and the good samaritan who tipped them off. struck and killed just steps away from her mother...and her home... ambulance nats 5-year-old rickyia langham was hit by a car on her way to church. but throughout the week, so do questions about the driver who hit her...until today... '31 i got daughters im like you know what i mean i was mad like why he took off' this man...who wants to remain anonymous...heard about rickyias terrible accident sunday. later that afternoon...a car parked just outside his home. " porsche cayenne like a silver color" the driver of the porsche got out and hopped in another car leaving the lights on. the battery died,
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the next day. "thats when i saw the picture on facebook. and im like thats the same car parked by my house 3:20 so i called it in right away"0 according to a search warrant, police recovered the vehicle that killed rickyia near 60th and lincoln creek drive. the witness tells me he wishes he knew the vehicle type sooner... "i would have called right away. soon as they parked i would have called" his call..helping to put the 30-year-old man behind the wheel. two people are now in custody related to the incident-- including the suspected driver who was arrested today. sources tell us it was a woman who was arrested monday. she's the owner of the suv-- the suspected driver is her boyfriend. family members say they are happy someone has been taken into custody but they are focusing now on funeral arrangements for rickyia. in milwaukee, bs fox 6 news. burying the wrong body... losing
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'her last wishes, she didnt get them.' coming up next-- the fox6 investigators uncover some disturbing things happening at funeral homes right here in wisconsin. plus-- 2 years after the fact-- a shooting victim dies from his injuries. and the person who pulled the trigger is still on the run. a bizarre investigation underway in milwaukee. and it took two dozen fire departments to put out an apartment fire in whitewater. still to come-- a look at the
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through milwaukee tonight. this is a live look. it's hard enough when someone you love passes away. but what happens after death -- at the funeral home -- can sometimes make it even harder. fox6 investigator meghan dwyer joins us tonight. she's found distub happening at funeral homes all over the state. this is the stuff that nightmares are made of. imagine showing up for a funeral -- and the wrong body is in the casket. how about your loved one being cremated without your permission. it might be hard to believe -- but it's happening -- and the state is doing very little to fix it. 'he wouldnt have been happy with this.' 'her last wishes, she didnt get
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him.' 'how can you do business like that?'they are mothers, daughters, aunts, and sisters. grieving the death of their loved ones. now speaking out so the same things dont happen to other families. 'it was like as if because we didnt spent 8, 9, 10,000 dollars on a funeral we got treated like crap.' lillie williams -- who loved to take selfies -- was almost 97 years old when she passed away this year after battling dementia. 'she didnt a straight burial.' but she did want to be buried in her favorite outfit. the funeral home refused, telling the family unless they paid for embalming, they would not touch or dress the body. 'my mother was 96 years old. she didnt deserve that. she deserved to be put away the way she wanted to be put away - and they took that away from us.' a fox6 review of state
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families say they are dealing with at local funeral homes.burying the wrong body, losing remains, re-using caskets, and cremating and burying bodies without permission. dozens of funeral homes all across the state have been accused of wrongdoing - with very few consequences. 'i had already felt like it was going to be a flop, that we made a big mistake.' 27:04, but it was too late. claude grimes was murdered this summer. the bill for his funeral was nearly 12-thousand dollars, but house says the funeral home was sweltering, it smelled bad, and she didnt even recognize her own son. 'should nobody child be seen like that.' she says the body was leaking fluids and was swollen, as if it had been inflated. 'it was so unprofessional. so unprofessional.' 'it shouldnt have been this way.' doris ingrams
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accident. at his funeral, guests got sick because the smell of rotting flesh filled the air. 'why do my son have this odor, and why is he drooling at the mouth?' in the last five years more than 150 families have complained about the service they received at wisconsin funeral homes. funeral directors have been accused of being drunk and smoking marijuana while handling bodies, casket, and even dealing heroin out of a funeral home. financial complaints are also common -- families claiming they were "preyed upon." but our research shows these cases are rarely investigated - and even more rare is actual discipline. in the last three years half of all complaints filed were closed without any investigation. only 12 percent resulted in a disciplinary order. 'when i hear things like that it
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disgusts me.' jeff ketch-ka grew up in the funeral home he now runs on milwaukee's south side. as president of the wisconsin funeral directors association he says there needs to be more oversight of funeral homes throughout the state -- and surprise inspections. 'knowing on any given day someone from the state can walk into your funeral home and ask for an inspection.' in wisconsin funeral homes are regulated by the state department of safety and professional services.the funeral directos board is supposed to investigate complaints, but a fox6 review of records shows sometimes even when the complaint is shocking -- like when a family says the wrong body was buried -- the state doesn't open a case. for example, in 2012 the board received this letter,expressing concern that a former priest, who had sexually abused at least one child, was working at a funeral home. while he can no longer be a priest, he can be a funeral director -- and if you
9:19 pm fact, you can do some pretty egregious things and still run a funeral home in wisconsin. jimmy davis jr. owns jd davis funeral home -- where deangelo maxwell and claude grimes were cared for. 'i want fox 6 to help me stop him from taking advantage of people." in 2012 davis was caring for a sick elderly woman at her home. he stole her credit card and wisconsin, even criminals are allowed to operate funeral homes. 'unfortunately today the only current monitoring that we have of funeral homes in the state of wisconsin is employees and competitors. thats really the only monitoring system that we have.' thomas bradley chairs the funeral directors examining board. he declined an interview. we asked to attend a recent board meeting, which was supposed to be public. but instead of meeting in person, it was a phone call. :31 'now the
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directors screening panel is now adjourned. thank you everyone.':40 "can i have an opportunity to ask questions? "it was not on the agenda to ask questions and so they just got off the call." 'is the funeral board supposed to be accountable to the public?' 3:26 "thats something ill have to get back to you on in writing.' the spokesperson for the state department of safety and professional services told us in an email the publi's department's utmost concern.these families, though, say they find that hard to believe given what they've been through. 'i feel like i didnt bury my son."they want a system that prevents these things from happening in the first place. 'its too late to fix it.'because, afterall, you only get one opportunity melody 'they took that away from us.'to say goodbye. all of the families we interviewed for this story have
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complaints are currently pending -- but the state will not tell us which funeral homes might be under investigation. the owners of northwest funeral chapel and jd davis funeral home declined interviews. they sent us statements instead. northwest funeral chapel admits it refused to bury lillie williams in her favorite outfit. they say it was because of health and safety reasons. jd davis funeral home says it treats and dignity. mr. davis told me he is working on getting everyone in our story their money back. if this kind of stuff is happening, how do you pick a good funeral home? good question. it's not easy. there is no public ratings
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-- compare price lists. if you have a question about a particular funeral home -- feel free to contact the fox6 investigators. we know which funeral homes have been in trouble. what we learned reporting this story we wanted to share with you. we have more advice on how to pick the right funeral home on our website fact a shooting becomes a homicide. the latest on an unusual investigation in milwaukee. plus-- a 4-alarm fire leaves hundreds of people homeless. a father and son were forced to jump out of a window. a look at the damage-- still
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this is a live look at a gathering in oakland california-- where protesters are marching through the streets. a cold front passes this evening bringing a big drop in temperatures for the middle and upper 40s. expect a few more clouds friday then more sunshine for the weekend. our next chance for precipitation will arrive late tuesday night. tonight: clear. low: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, windy and
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ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32 high: 51 wind: sw 5-15 mph it started as a shooting investigation in 2014. homicide. 'he wasnt doing anything he was the victim of a crime.' even after all this time- there's still no on in custody. coming up next-- a brother's plea for justice. this year's annual powder puff football game at menomonee falls high school raises money for charity and features some pretty intense action.... that's ahead on fox
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through milwaukee tonight. this is a live look. now at 9-- a killer on the loose. a milwaukee man -- shot
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and the person who pulled the trigger -- has never been caught fox6s angelica sanchez spoke with the victim's family. 'he was like a bro i really love you man and i was like i really love you too man.' dion walker tells fox6 the last conversation he had with his younger brother 29 year-old eric r walker... who died on friday of complications from a gunshot wound he endured in december of 2014. for the last two years he was bound to a bed paralyzed from the waist bad.. he had so much internal damage. they punctured his lung he still had the bullet in him. you know so it was bad and it was a slow decline.' dion admits out of the two brothers he was the trouble- maker. he's spent the last three years behind bars. but eric was always the good one..."a gentle giant" who was also a husband...father and promising athlete according to police...eric was shot on the 57-hundred block of west
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attempted break- in at his mothers house. they are still searching for a motive and a suspect. 'he wasnt doing anything he was the victim of a crime.' dion was released from prison just in time to spend two final weeks with his brother. he says it seemed eric was waiting for him to come home that wasnt him he didnt want to be stuck in a bed he was literally in a bed 24 hours a day.' ' i really see him in a better place..." now if you want to know how you can help out this family head over to f now dot com we have a link to a go fund me page that his family has sent us. and milwaukee police tels us that per fbi guidlines eric's death has been ruled a homicide and it will be added to the 2016 list. for now reporting outside milwaukee police district seven, i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news. a milwaukee police officer is suspended-- accused of firing his service weapon while drunk. according to a criminal complaint 42 year old michael anderson fired his police issued gun twice into his backyard near south griffin
9:33 pm
in september. he blood alcohol was recorded at "point- two-one-five" -- more than twice the legal limit. anderson is now suspended as the police department continues its internal investigation. he's also been charged with a misdemeanor and faces up to nine months in jail. 300 people don't have a place to live after a fire rips through a whitewater apartment complex. residents tell me they heard a loud boom and then a fire erupted in a common hallway and spread to the his son were forced to jump out of a second story window to escape the flames and smoke. fortunately no one was injured... but at least three cats died. the fire chief estimates the fire did about half a million dollars in damage. powder puff football... flag or touch football games between girls from junior and senior classes in high school. as tom pipines shows us, the way they play at menomonee falls--goes beyond
9:34 pm
pretty seriously here. welcome to the annual powder puff football game at menomonee falls high school between the junior and the seniors. 18:50:39 but before the game we do shake hands and we do talk to each other. and we're still friends at the end; so that's all that counts. maybe, but given the intensity with which these young ladies play--it's really anything "but" powder puff! 18:52:35 there's bruises; there's blood. there's concussions. it's brutal football 18:52:42 19:01:55 "ken u zie me now?" it'sr quarterback, and it's just like this giant girls coming at me. now i know how they feel on friday nights. i give them a little credit 19:02:04 --------------------- 19:02:09 "less is more" 19:02:09 it's intense. i play soccer year round. it'd have to say it's pretty close to that. it's still really fun. but everyone's really into it; 19:02:16 how big a deal is this game? 19:02:21 it's a huge deal. i think we really all want it more than we really thought we all wanted it. it's huge actually 19:02:27 huge enough ..and serious have the game officiated by the coaches of the falls varsity football team. 18:54:53 how much intensity is there out there? it's almost as if the guys are
9:35 pm
take some of them girls the way they're playing tonite. they're playing pretty hard. 18:55:01 in a total role reversal, head coach dan lutz's players were cheerleaders for the ladies. 18:51:01 um, ya know, we're both on the dance team; and there's a few technique errors, but for the most part the choreography's pretty solid, the showmanship incredible. they seem to really get into it. oh they really like it. this is the best part of their senior year. we love it 18:51:15 18:59:21 how abou t players? they're better than the girls! i think they're pretty good. 18:59:25 oooh! easy does it! how about this game..who would be the last woman standing?! 18:41:35 who's gonna have bragging rights in the hallway tomorrow? senior............yea!! 18:41:39 the seniors beat the junior..but it took an overtime field goal. besides on this night in menomonee falls--everybody went away winners. 18:52:14 with all the stuff going on in the world today.
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coming out, and the boys supporting the girls; and the girls supporting the boys. this is a community affair. 18:52:20 ish 10:20:49 everybody comes out. everybody marks their calendars. it's always wednesday of homecoming week. and the money that goes to the food pantry is important. but the community building is even more important 19:21:00 tp; fss the school and the community teamed up to raise over 19 hundred dollars-- and collect almost 12 hundred non- perishable goods for the falls area food pantry. better way to start winding down than with pups picks? will petunia pick the packers? that's coming up next. and later-- a worst case scenario for a milwaukee woman. someone stole her wheelchair. we set another record high this afternoon but a cold front is rolling through tonight. i'll show you how much cooler it is about to get, coming up in
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the pups from the wisconsin humane society were just like a lot of packers fans, thinking the green and gold would be able to handle the colts last week. but like so many, they were wrong. they have another chance to get it right this weekend. pip has this week's pup and pick. "hello again everybody. after back to back loses the packers hope to get back in the win column this sunday in tennessee against the from the wisconsin humane society are looking to do the same. angela speed from that marvelous organization joining us with petunia. and you said oh no no, nothing nashville here, this is an arkansas razorback this beautiful lady." "little petunia is 2-and-a-half- months old, and she came to us from an overcrowded shelter in arkansas. fortunately she was able to come up north and become part of our adoption program. she is wonderful. she is gorgeous and she's got the nicest disposition. fall is an
9:41 pm
can go for lots of walks, do house training. so we encourage people to come in this time of year and check out all the animals." "i match petunia but i don't get the attention she does around here and understandably so. alright now last week of course our wonderful dog went for the packers and so everybody lost. let's see if we can get back on the win column in a couple of respects so. petunia it's up to you. but i do want to tell you you can learn more about petunia and all of the other pets available for adoption on our m. alright sorr time now petunia, you make the call. packers or titans? oh she's smelling. what do you think? we can't lean. what you want to do baby? there you go. took a minute but i think that was a legitimate packers choice, right?"
9:42 pm
maybe that was the reason they lost. it had nothing to do with lack of energy etc. but petunia is going with the packers. and remember everybody you can watch the green and gold take on the tennessee titans sunday at noon right here on fox 6. that's followed by the cowboys and steelers. a big double header. and of course as always the fox 6 sports blitz at 10:35 will have a complete recap of the the big game. petunia thanks a bunch sweetheart. how long will the warmth stick around? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus-- it's an appalling crime. someone stole this milwaukee woman's wheelchair. hear her story-- coming up. and details on a new effort to try and keep a known carcinogen out of
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victims. we go behind the scenes - to the abdomen, we may need one to the chest as well. for a look at how the trauma staff at children's hospital train for emergency situations where children are brought in with gunshots wounds... one, two, three... transtion plus, make a muscle! the event that brings out the fancy wears and cute keepsakes - all for the muscular dystrophy association...oh and the cool people too! recognize that guy? we'll show you more,
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expectations for the third quarter of this year... income only dropped 1-percent and sales improved toward the end of quarter. company executives say they're encouraged by that trend as the holiday shopping season approaches. upgrades could be coming to the main entrance to the summerfest grounds... new plans include a new bike and pedestrian plaza leading to the mid- gate -- along with a 30-foot-wide walkway running along the grounds. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, weather a cold front passes this evening bringing a big drop in temperatures for friday as highs only reach into the middle and upper 40s. expect a
9:48 pm
our next chance for precipitation will arrive late tuesday night. tonight: clear. low: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, windy and cooler. high: 48 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32 high: 51 mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 34 high: 54 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 40 high: 53 wind: wnw 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with showers possible at night. am low: 39 high: 54 wind: sw 5-10 mph a cold front passes this evening
9:49 pm
friday as highs only reach into the middle and upper 40s. expect a few more clouds friday then more sunshine for the weekend. our next chance for precipitation will arrive late tuesday night. tonight: clear. low: 42 wind: nw 5-10 friday: partly sunny, windy and cooler. high: 48 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32 high: 51 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 34 high: 54 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly sunny. am low:
9:50 pm
partly sunny with showers possible at night. am low: 39 high: 54
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anti-trump protesters continue to march through milwaukee tonight. this is a live look. veteran's day comes every year. but this will be the first year that veteran's families will have a free place to stay while their loved ones get treatment at the milwaukee v-a medical center. fox 6's jessob reisbeck shows you how the fisher house helped a fond du lac family through a challenging
9:53 pm
connect four nats ....and the wild family knows home can be anywhere.... more nats as long as they have each other. "we were friends for a few months and started to fall in love with him." rachel and john are high school sweethearts and married young. "if i didn't do it before he went i was worried something bad would happen." "got married right before i left for iraq." john served 7 months overseas as a combat engineer in the united states marine corps. "to me, it was, you know, probably one of the highlights of my life was, you know, serving the country." after john's tour of down roots in wisconsin. "home is always nice. let's go back home." in 2012 - their family of two became a family of three. "and, um, we got our wonderful son owen." "he's your typical just kid trying to get into everything and just happy. you know, he doesn't care that he can't walk or crawl." owen has spina bifida. "we've had a long medical journey with him." but when it comes to long medical journeys,
9:54 pm
past summer. "i was gunna go out on the boat with some friends." "i had a bad feeling that morning." "we just pulled into the lake. i dove in. and, uh, i remember hitting my head and kinda thinking oh great i'm gunna come up and i'm gunna have a bloody nose or something." "you need to go to the hospital to see john." "i went to swim and suddenly i couldn't move anything." "my heart dropped." "from the neck down there was no movem "it was surreal." john was paralyzed after bruising his spinal cord. "it was like a bad dream i couldn't wake up from." the decision of where to get long- term treatment and rehab wasn't easy. "we didn't know what to expect." rachel and john chose the spinal cord treatment center at the milwaukee v-a. the problem? the wilds live over an hour away in fond du lac... "we had to go back and forth." the v-a had a solution to keep rachel and owen nearby for
9:55 pm
we actually met with there told us about the fisher house." fisher house wisconsin offers lodging for veterans families while loved ones get treatment. "we were actually able to keep our room the whole time that we were here, which was tremendous." it meant owen was there to teach dad important lessons... "o: now you just push. j: oh, i see like that. ok." it meant rachel and owen were there to help john get back on his feet... "go dad!" and it meant john had the security of knowing his family was nearby. "knowing that i could call her up and be like, 'hey, i know you guys just left, but you know, i really want you to come back just for a little bit." above all else - fisher housek the wilds together.... "definitely nice to have a place to stay close by and not to have to drive back and forth after helping at the hospital. giving them a place to call home in milwaukee.... "to me, i see no reason to not stay here." "the fisher house was tremendous for our family." i'm jessob reisbeck fox 6 news. to learn more about fisher house
9:56 pm
to fox 6 now dot com. and don't forget to tune in this saturday for "homeland diaries." the hour-long special shares veteran's stories including the struggles and triumphs they face serving our country. that's saturday november 12th at 5pm - right here on fox 6. a group of milwaukee alderman approve a plan to knock chewing tobacco out of the ballpark. now it heads to the full common council. the move is meant to discourage big league ballplayers from dipping during games in milwaukee. supporters of the ban say it's a bad idols doing something bad for their health. critics say they're using a legal substance and it's not hurting anyone else. the health commissioner says it's harmful for young fans... i, too, was a kid growing up who loved baseball and truly idolized some of the great hall of famers of that time but heres where we need to break that vicious cycle. by the start of next season, smokeless tobacco bans are expected to be in place at 11 of the 30 m-l-b ballparks, not counting
9:57 pm
milwaukee police are looking for these two men. they're wanted in connection with an armed robbery near fond du lac and bourbon street. police say they forced their way into a home saturday and took some cash. if you recognize them please give police a call. she's supposed to start taking college classes in january and--while she says nothing can stop her-- she can be slowed. justin williams shares the plight of a milwaukee teen without her wheels. day, i have to do what i have to do, 'cuz i gotta go get my money. goes from difficult, to devastating. cerebral palsy is no match for 19-year- old rayquetta lawrence, who does not let the condition keep her from keepin' on. very confident. very independent. and, that's the type of person that i am. but, days ago, as her cousin terry helped the recent high school grad get to her job at sam's club, the 19-year-old milwaukee woman had her special seat
9:58 pm
stolen. first, i thought my cousin was jokin'. i'm like, 'the chair is not outside ... ' 'n,' no--it's really not outside somebody took it from behind the fence, 'n,' yeah, it's really not outside, anymore, so ... rayquetta filed a police report, and, most certainly, rolls-on, but what is tough,with temps topping 70, is doubly-dubious when they dip, in december. this is about to get really difficult -- with the snow, and i gotta have people push me. this is about to get really - -this is about to get hard, but, i mean, there's a lotta stuff i can get past; i been through a lotta worse than this. rayquetta says her mother, who lives in texas, has been trying for months, but rayquetta's tried to maintain her independence, and make it, on her own, here, in milwaukee. however, after this crime, she says she's reconsidering, and may be making a move. this is the latest, in milwaukee. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news.
9:59 pm
now at ten. "whose streets, our streets! whose streets, our streets!" taking their message to the streets. "it's time, it's really time for a change" protesters upset with the president elect.... making their voices heard. "hey hey, ho ho, donald trump has we begin with that breaking news. this is a live look at the protest group- which is now right outside the b-mo harris bradley center. protesters have been chanting their message to fans as they leave the bucks game tonight. some of those fans have stopped to listen to the message-- others, stuck in the crowds-- trying to get home.
10:00 pm
there were hundreds of people marching through downtown milwaukee. their message-- which they shared often and loudly was they're unhappy with the results of tuesday's election. we have team coverage tonight. ashley sears and bret lemoine have been following the group as they moved around town. let's start with you ashley. hundreds of people marched through the streets. their message: president-elect donald trump does not represent their nats hundreds march in protest. through downtown milwaukee-- demonstrators are angry tuesday's election ended with a donald trump victory. 06:11 i feel just dumbfounded and just numb. they join protesters across the country-- sharing outrage--and disgust


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